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Welcome HOME.

One of the finer creations of Liminal Land Park came with the creation of their flagship accommodation: The Holistic and Opportune Mutual Experience, or HOME. The HOME project encompassed a sprawling underground suburbia, perfect for families who traveled from out of state to experience Liminal Land for themselves.

Built from the repurposed bones of the Lake Valley Observatory Employee Housing Structure, the site once housed the facility's Clean Energy™ workers and their families - at the time creating one of the largest underground communities in existence. Upon its opening, Liminal Land aimed to celebrate this sense of community by transitioning HOME's purpose away from employees, and geared towards park visitors, many of whom felt overwhelmingly comfortable while inside due to its illusory nature. 

This sensation of homeliness was the sole intention behind the project, as CHARON sought to keep guests inside the park for as long as possible in hopes of maximizing profits. Because of this goal, HOME would be the only in-park "hotel" offered to guests, reportedly containing around 10,000 concurrent operational rooms at its peak - spread out over a handful of square miles underneath Liminal Land.


Rough approximation of HOME's size relative to Liminal Land. Some areas are rumored to be unexplored to this day.

Blending 50’s inspired decor with modern cues from the 1980’s, HOME was a marvel for its time. And due to the intrigue and raving reviews surrounding it, CHARON would begin selling units in 1981 - fulfilling their goal of keeping their patrons on park grounds for as long as humanly possible. 

Due to the allure of HOME and its outward appearance of a sprawling underground suburbia, quick family vacations often turned into extended, and even permanent stays. And for many, Liminal Land Park had indefinitely become Home.

Experience HOME.

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