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About Liminal Land

Liminal Land opened its doors in early winter of 1975.


Destined to become one of the grandest amusement parks in the United States, CHARON Corporation set out to push the boundaries of what it meant to provide immersive entertainment.

To this day, it's unclear how exactly Liminal Land garnered such a passionate and sizable audience so quickly, as the town of Lake Valley has historically had a relatively small population. Regardless, ticket sales exploded from day one, much to the credit of large families who flew in from all over the world to experience CHARON's experimental vision. From the beginning, Liminal Land was always embedded with one mission - to dethrone Disneyland as the go-to destination for thrill-seekers of all ages. Coasters that evoked emotion, a multi-tiered waterpark, and a massive underground suburbia were among the experiences being tested while the park was open, and to this day, debates are plentiful on whether CHARON actually achieved their goal of industry dominance.

It's rumored that Disneyland was relatively empty throughout the 1980s, however Disney loyalists will consistently deny that. No matter which way you look at it though, the impact of Liminal Land's existence was always clear, and (at least for a brief while) it appeared that the park wasn't ever going anywhere.

Ride 1_edited.jpg

[Circa 1975] CHARON's early coaster concept. Believed to have been scrapped after a testing accident.

Surprisingly, very little news coverage came out of Lake Valley during Liminal Land's tenure. Park-goers seemed avid to serve as test subjects for their experimental rides, and it felt like no-one ever batted an eye. Regardless of the numerous accidents that took place over the years, there was never a single investigation, audit, or inspection ever credibly done. What Liminal Land touted as "anomalous events" were simply tarped off for a day, and reopened thereafter with not a single word about them.

For fourteen years, the park operated in this bizarre manner. People went missing, rides consistently changed, and the park's staff were always apathetic about it, yet Liminal Land's popularity paradoxically appeared to grow.

download (40).png

Entrance hub to "Subliminal Land", CHARON's experimental waterpark located underneath Liminal Land. 

Unfortunately, on May 20th, of 1989, Liminal Land's day of reckoning had come. That night, the park was rapidly and indefinitely shut down, with no concrete reason ever being given. The remains of those present on that fateful night are rumored to remain exactly where they were last seen, although nobody really knows for sure. Theme park preservationists are keen to keep the spirit of Liminal Land alive, however.


There has been nothing like it for decades, and probably never will. 

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